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KOLT's Past Productions

There Is A Happiness That Morning Is by Mickle Maher
May 8 - 31, 2015
The Wilkerson Theater, California Stage Complex
Directed by Patrick Murphy

Written in rhymed verse, There Is a Happiness That Morning Is is told via two lectures on the poetry of William Blake: one given in the morning by Bernard, a middle-aged, barely published poet of scant scholarship, on the “Songs of Innocence”; and the other in the afternoon by his lover, Ellen, a reputable Ph.D., on the “Songs of Experience.” Having engaged the evening before in a highly controversial display of public affection on the main lawn of their rural New England campus, the two undergraduate lecturers must, in class, apologize for their behavior or justify it, if they want to keep their jobs.  

Cast:  Greg Hanson, Kelley Ogden and Greg Parker. 
Crew:  Mariam Helalian (Stage Manager), Lisa Thew (Producing Director), Ciara Ashley McClary (Lighting Design).

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My Own Stranger by Marilyn Campbell & Linda Laundra; Adapted from the writings of Anne Sexton
October 3 - 24, 2013
Alex Bult Gallery, Sacramento Poetry Center, Sol Collective, Gallery 2110 and the Crocker Art Museum Ballroom
Directed by Kelley Ogden

My Own Stranger is a penetrating journey into Pulitzer Prize winning poet Anne Sexton’s struggles with family, love, loss and her own mental illness, using her poetry, interviews and letters. At times endearing, chilling, heartbreaking and joyful, the play uses three actresses to explore Sexton’s multiplicity of life roles, demons and creative voices into a powerful and rich theatrical harmony.

Cast:  Kellie Yvonne Raines, Ruby Sketchley and Lisa Thew. 
Crew:  Mariam Helalian (Stage Manager), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design), Owen Smith (Lighting Design).

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Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill
October 12 - November 4, 2012 (Extension, added performance Nov. 4)
Basement pool, Elks Tower
Directed by Lisa Thew
Presenting Sponsor: Railbridge Cellars

While Vinegar Tom tells the story of witchtrial hysteria as it hits one rural 17th century English village, it also explores the deeper issue of gender and power relationships, both past and present. Between the scenes are modern songs, with original music written and performed nightly by local stars Martha Omiyo Kight, Andrea Eve Thorpe and Patrick Claypool. Featuring an outstanding ensemble cast, and with the generous sponsorship of Elks Tower and Railbridge Cellars, KOLT staged this tale in the empty indoor pool in the basement of the Elks Tower, a pool that women were not allowed to swim in for much of its history.

Cast: Floyd Harden, Tara Henry, Elizabeth Holzman, Lindsay Jones, Blair Leatherwood, Melanie Marshall, Kelley Ogden, Kellie Yvonne Raines, and Shelly Sandford. 

Crew:  Mariam Helalian (Stage Manager), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design, Projections), John Young (Venue Liaison), Owen Smith (Lighting Design), Victor La Rocco (Sound Recording), Jessica Minnihan (Costume Design).

Reviews, Articles on Vinegar Tom
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Smudge by Rachel Axler
April 27 - May 20, 2012
Ooley Theater
Directed by Lisa Thew

A hopeful young couple, Colby and Nicholas, have idyllic plans for their first child. However, they end up with much more difficult realities when they give birth to a “smudge,” a baby with not only physical abnormalities but unique abilities that change the lives of Colby, Nicholas and Nick’s brother Pete forever. 

Cast:  Eric Baldwin (Pete), Barry Hubbard (Nicholas), Kelley Ogden (Colby). 
Crew:  Lauren Nardozzi (Stage Manager), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design, Set Design), Brian Rife (Master Carpenter), Owen Smith (Lighting Design & Special Effects), Victor La Rocco (Sound Design).
Elly nominated: Owen Smith, Best Lighting Design-Comedy

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Where We're Born by Lucy Thurber
February 3 - February 26, 2012
Ooley Theater
Directed by Lisa Thew

Where We're Born tells the story of Lilly, a scholarship student, who returns to her rural hometown on a break from college to spend time with her beloved cousin Tony, his longtime girlfriend Franky and their misfit friends. As they drink, smoke and while away the time, bonds are cemented and dissolved as Lilly confronts the idea that sometimes, in order to leave home, you have to destroy it.

Cast:  Jessicah Neufeld (Lilly), Brian Harrower (Tony), Kelley Ogden (Franky), David Chernyavsky (Drew), John Young (Vin). 
Crew:  Lauren Nardozzi (Stage Manager), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design, Set Design), Brian Rife (Set Design, Master Carpenter), Owen Smith (Lighting Design).

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ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh
Based on the classic by Sophocles
April 29 - May 28, 2011
California Stage
Directed by Lisa Thew

Anouilh’s ANTIGONE focuses on the showdown between King Creon and his niece, Antigone, when she defies his order—punishable by death—to prohibit the burial of her brother after a brutal civil war. Seen through the prism of our current time, ANTIGONE raises a crucial question:  when the towers of society/politics/finance are crumbling around us, do we fight for what works even if that’s wrong or do we fight for what’s right even if that means our end?  Integrity versus compromise, individual versus the state, moral rights versus human laws -- ANTIGONE rips into these timeless issues and iconic characters.

Cast:  Kelley Ogden (Antigone), Patrick Murphy (Creon), Kellie Yvonne Raines (Chorus), Ernesto Bustos (Jonas), Gay Cooper (Nurse), Daniel Fagan (Binns), Brandon Lancaster (Snout), Analise Langford-Clark (Ismene), Ben Moroski (Haemon), Jeff Webster (Messenger), Mitch Worrell-Olsen (Page). 
Crew:  Ciara Ashley (Stage Manager, Asst. Lighting Design), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design, Scenic Painting), Victor La Rocco (Sound Design), Jessica Minnihan (Costume Design), Owen Smith (Lighting Design).
Elly nominated:  Kelley Ogden, Best Leading Actress-Drama

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Escape From Happiness by George F. Walker
November 19 - December 19, 2010
Ooley Theater
Directed by Lisa Thew

Escape From Happiness is a darkly comic portrait of a dysfunctional family, featuring mother Nora and her three neurotic daughters as they fight drugs, alcohol, random acts of violence, police corruption and (semi) organized crime in their lower-class neighborhood.
Cast:  Andrea Joelle Guidry (Dian Black), Jeffrey Lloyd Heatherly (Mike Dixon), Martha Omiyo Kight (Nora), Justin Muñoz (Junior), Ben Moroski (Stevie), Patrick Murphy (Tom), Jessicah Neufeld (Gail), Kelley Ogden (Mary Ann), Kellie Yvonne Raines (Elizabeth), Jeff Webster (Rolly).
Crew:  Nicholas Heacock (Stage Manager/Technical Director/ Set Design), Nastassya Ferns (Production Design/Scenic Painting), Jarrod Bodensteiner (Lighting Design), Flora Ronzone (Costume Design).
ELLY WINNER:  Kelley Ogden, Best Supporting Actress-Comedy

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Crime and Punishment by Marilyn Campbell & Curt Columbus
Based on the classic novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky
January 15 - February 20, 2010  (Run extension Feb. 19-20)
Ooley Theater
Directed by Lisa Thew

Surrounded by widespread poverty, crime and social agitation in a country torn between its traditions and its surging revolutionary youth stands a desperate man in perpetual revolt against society, God and himself.  In this new, award-winning adaptation, Dostoevsky's literary masterpiece is stripped to its essentials, a thrilling "conversation on the nature of evil" told by three actors.  This production takes the audience on an intimate psychological journey into the mind of a killer and his search for redemption.  
Cast:  Brian Rife (Raskolnikov), Patrick Murphy (Porfiry) and Kelley Ogden (Sonia).  Violin & Original Music:  Patrick Claypool.  
Crew:  Rolaine James (Light Board Op/Hair Design), Nastassya Ferns (Production Designer/Scenic Painting), Jarrod Bodensteiner (Lighting Design/Set Construction), Jessica Minnihan (Costume Design). 
ELLY WINNER:  Patrick Murphy, Best Supporting Actor-Drama; Kelley Ogden, Best Supporting Actress-Drama
Elly nominated:  Best Production-Drama, Best Director-Drama, Best Actor-Drama, Best Set Design-Drama, Best Lighting Design-Drama 

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Lips by Constance Congdon
March 28 - April 27, 2008
California Stage
Directed by Lisa Thew

America's first female President is willing to sacrifice her career for what she believes in.  Subverting the maze of D.C. machinations, President Joni decides to use the media's hunger for sexual sensationalism (a la Lewinsky scandal) to encourage an honest conversation about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness by having a "public affair" with another woman. 
Cast:  Shelly Sandford (Joni), Brian Rife (Andy), Kelley Ogden (Rachel).  Voiceovers by Ric Murphy, Mark Standriff, Fred Palmer, Charles Peer, Ron Tackitt, and Kate Moore
Crew:  Lauren Nardozzi (Stage Manager/Sound Board Op), Amber Parker (Lighting Design), Bert Wheeler (Sound Design), Troy Bray (Costume Design), Devin Ritchie (Light Board Op), Nick Heacock (Running Crew), Bryce Marck (Running Crew), Rolaine James (Running Crew), Roxanne Sandford (Running Crew)

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Keely and Du by Jane Martin
May 18 - June 2, 2007
Thistle Dew Dessert Theater
Directed by Lisa Thew

In a sparse basement turned prison, two women forge an unlikely bond.  Three months pregnant, Keely is kidnapped from an abortion clinic by a pro-life group and kept handcuffed to a bed in a basement.  Du is both her guard and caretaker, driven by her faith to ensure Keely's pregnancy comes to term.  Beyond the political, religious and ideological dimensions of this issue, Keely and Du illustrates the humanity that underscores our convictions and the prices we pay for them.
Cast:  Kelley Ogden (Keely), Shelly Sandford (Du), Tim Sapunor (Walter), Brian Rife (Cole), Jade Baranski (Woman/Prison Guard)
Crew:  Jade Baranski (Stage Manager), Amber Parker (Lighting Design), Roxanne Sandford (Light Board Op)
Elly nominated:  Best Production-Drama, Best Director-Drama, Best Actress-Drama, Best Supporting Actor-Drama 

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